Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"All Aboard" Guest Contrubutor Kevin Weaver

As we really begin to discover God's plan for our lives it doesn't take too long to find that His purpose includes an ongoing partnership with Him.
One of the great mysteries of our walk with Christ is found not just in what Jesus did for us, but what He now wants to do through us. I am so glad that I can have the assurance of salvation and that God has pulled me out of the water and into the boat. But after we're rescued is there something more?
The question now is, "What's next!"
Well, I know I need to "Keep Moving", but why? Where does God want me to go? What does He want me to do? What's His ultimate plan?
I think the answers to those questions can be found at the point of our own salvation. How fortunate we all are to have someone who was rowing their boat, who came our way and picked us up along their spiritual journey.
For me it happened while in high school. Ed, a friend who had been rescued by God the summer of our sophomore year "rowed" right to me and began to tell me about the change that had occurred in his life since he had entered into a relationship with Jesus. Long story short, with God's help he pulled me into the boat of life and my life has never been the same.
So, where does God want me to go? He wants me to row to those lost in the water. What does He want me to do? He wants me to partner with Him in reaching and rescuing those who are drowning. The greatest thing of all...He promises to give us the strength and ability to do it.
Maybe the final question for us is, "Can we see ourselves as lifeguards instead of passengers on a cruise?" Just a thought!

Monday, July 30, 2007

"Keep it Moving" Guest Contributor Kevin Weaver

While Pastor Dave is fishing in Canada he asked me to share some thoughts with you! I'm glad for the opportunity to dialogue with you during the course of this week, but given the choice, fishing sounds pretty good. In light of that I felt it might be fun to use a metaphor that would allow us the next best thing. Not quite like being on the lake in reality but at least it helps us to connect with Dave just a little in spirit.

After yesterday's service God is really challenging me about "rowing the boat". As I arrived at the office this morning I discovered a few issues that will certainly make rowing a little more difficult. It seems my schedule will be quite demanding and at first glance, my occupation will be consumed with "plugging holes" in the boat and dodging other boaters instead of plotting a course and moving across the lake. Sometimes staying afloat takes priority. I'm sure that sounds pretty familiar. No doubt, to some degree most people have those feelings...especially on a Monday.

So the question is, "How do we keep moving when concerned about floating?"

Asking that question reminds me of being on the lake with my dad when I was kid. We did some fishing from time to time. One thing that I do remember is the little boat we would use to fish in had a plug in the back that would leak when we were not moving, but as soon as my dad would start the engine and we would get underway, he would pull the plug and all the water would miraculously drain right out of the hole.

Maybe this is a good lesson for us! It seems that the best way to stay afloat is to "Keep Moving". And, not just moving in some random direction, but moving under God's power and direction. As I'm writting this I'm growing more confident that if we can stay focused on His schedule for life we won't ever have to worry about sinking!

By the way, if none of this makes sense to you, I would suggest checking out yesterday's message from PCC at http://www.poconocc.com/ if you didn't "catch" it. That might help you understand my discourse. I hope!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gone Fishin'

I'm taking a couple days off to go fishing. I've got to practice what I preach and take some much needed time to get some good ol' fashion R&R.

I'll also be taking a cyber fast - no email, blogging, or internet. Also, no cell phone, fax machine or any other electronic device. My hope is to clear my mind from all the information overload and just get away and spend time with my heavenly father.

Please pray that this will be a time of refreshing. In my absence, I have invited Kevin Weaver to be my guest contributor. I know you'll enjoy his thoughts.
Be well.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Power of Presence

Yesterday was a one of those days. Mondays are usually filled with one team meeting after another - literally from sun up to sun down.

Then, during my last meeting at 8:30 pm I received a call from my wife who was noticeable shaken. She is 3 months pregnant and there were some complications so I rushed her to the hospital. After 6 hours in the emergency room we finally were able to return home (2am). Thank God, both she and the baby are doing well. No worries.

As we returned to the waiting room after having some tests done, we saw two of our friends waiting for us. I thought, "Wow, it's really cool that they would come and just be with us during a stressful and somewhat frightening few hours." In fact, some of our other friends were also at our home watching our other children so we could go to the hospital.

The power of someones presence during difficult times is huge. It's so awesome to be part of a community that understands that and more importantly - puts it into practice. Thank you for your continued prayers for my wife and for your willingness to practice the power of presence in the lives of those in need.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Ministry Mistakes - Pt. 4

4. Unbalanced Living

One of my wife's hesitations to planting PCC was that it would totally consume me and my time. She knows that I'm a recovering work-aholic and that it's very easy for me to skip my days off, stay late at the office, live my life with a cell phone attached to my ear, and just be totally preoccupied with ministry.

Early on in the life of the church, I was working 70+ work weeks and never taking a sabbath. No one can keep that kind of schedule and survive. In fact, one pastor told me that if I don't take a break from my schedule, my schedule would break me. He was right.

I can recall vividly one Christmas two years ago when I had a mini-meltdown backstage right before I had to go out and preach. We were 2 years into the church plant and we literally worked night and day to get it off the ground and my brain and my body pretty much shut down. I knew it was time for a change.

So, here's a few commitments that my wife and I made to maintain joy and longevity in our marriage and ministry.

1. Divert daily.

We make time for our relationship with God and with each other and our kids every day. We eat at least 4 or 5 dinners together each week as a family. I never walk in the door in the evening talking with someone on my cell phone about church ministry. We have devotional time in the evening with our kids before the go to bed.

2. Withdrawal weekly.

Every week we take a day off. That's called a sabbath - a 24 hour period where we do nothing but hang out with each other and with God. Some days we go to the mall or I take my little girl out for breakfast. And some days we just cuddle up on the couch as a family and watch Barney and Friends. The point is: take a break from life and ministry and just practice the power of being in one anothers presence.

3. Abandon annually.

This means several things.

First - a nice family vacation. We sacrifice so much of ourselves by investing in the lives of others that we need to get away once a year and enjoy some extended family time. This summer we are going to the shore!

Second, it also means time for me and Bekah to get away - just the two of us. Let's fact it - going away with the kids isn't always a "vacation." Husbands and wives need to get away at least once a year and spend time cultivating their marriage.

Last of all, I need to get away by myself a few different times a year to: pray (annual prayer retreat), to seek God's direction for the coming year as it relates to the spiritual direction, sermon series, etc., and attend conferences or training to keep on the cutting edge of effective ministry.

The larger a church grows, the more time the senior pastor needs to get away. I thank God for our Elders and church family who understand this and who want me to be around for a long time and not burn out. I learned the hard way that if you burn the candle at both ends, you'll soon discover that you aren't as bright as you think you are.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ministry Mistakes - Pt. 3

Please Don't Leave

There are a variety of reasons that people leave a church:
*they move out of the community
*God opens a door for ministry
*they experience conflict with other church members and either can't work it out
*they get burned out in ministry
*they feel the church can no longer best minister to their needs
*they no longer agree with the vision of the pastor and direction of the church

The church growth books that I've read encourage pastors and church planters to find ways to "close the back door." In other words, once someone visits or begins to attend your church, do everything you can to keep them coming back.

Well, I understand that we need to demonstrate genuine love to our guests and reach out to them so that they feel welcomed and hopefully they will want to come back and be part of our church family.

But I've also learned that you can never make everyone happy. Not everyone is going to jive with PCC. Not everyone is going to embrace the vision and the changes that God initiates.

My friend gave me some solid advice recently: "Allow people to leave gracefully. Don't beg them to stay. Perhaps they need to leave in order for the church to actually grow. Do your best to help them find another church."

Thta's great advice. But it's much easier said than done.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ministry Mistakes - Pt. 2

2. Thinking Too Small

Big isn't always better, unless you are talking about your dreams for what God can do in and through you. God is a BIG God and he wants to do BIG things in and through our lives. Jesus didn't die on a cross for my sins and then expect me to live a life full of puny purposes.

I believe God wants us to dream BIG. To have the faith that can move mountains. Thank God it only takes a small amount of faith to do BIG things like that for God. You see, I'm convinced that thinking too small is an insult to God's power!

When I think too small:

*my faith shrinks
*our buildings plans would be inadequate
*lost people would not be sought after
*lives go unchallenged
*the church gets caught in a cul de sac (that's French for "dead end")
*my marriage coasts at mediocre levels of trust, communication, friendship and intimacy

From now on, I'm thinking BIG. After all, Jesus said, "Therefore, go, into ALL the world." He didn't just have a small vision for a select few. He wants us to touch the nations. He's got a BIG vision. Let's follow Jesus' vision and dream for BIG results in every area of our lives.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ministry Mistakes - Pt. 1

This week I want to share with you some of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in ministry. After 4 years as a church planter, I’ve made plenty of them. But God’s grace is greater than my mistakes. And if we maintain a proper attitude in the face of our flub ups in life, we can learn and grow into spiritual maturity.

1.The Enemy of Excellence

The old adage rings true, “The jack of all trades is a master of none.” I went to a liberal arts college where the curriculum focused on building well rounded students in academics, arts, literature and the sciences. However, I’ve since learned that being well rounded isn’t necessarily a good thing when it comes to excellence.

You see, when you commit yourself to doing too many things you end up excelling at nothing.

When I try and do things that I’m not good at, here’s what happens:

*mediocre results
*stress and fatigue
*frustration and failure

Early on at PCC, I did just about everything including: counseling, vision casting, preaching, weddings, funerals, hospital visitation, setup and teardown, hiring, administration, teaching, graphic design, web design – you name it. Here’s the problem: I’m only gifted in about two, maybe three of those areas. I can remember being so busy, yet not ever feeling like I could ever get anything done.

However, as our church has grown, God has brought others who are strong in the areas where I am weak. I am now at the point where I can begin to focus on the areas in which I’m truly gifted. I’ve narrowed it down to three:

*Preaching and prayer
*Vision casting
*Leadership development

Sure, there are times when we all have to pitch in and do whatever it takes to get the job done. But in order to truly be effective and do ministry in excellence, one must choose what to focus on and then make a commitment to develop those gifts for the glory of God.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Reports this week suggest another possible terrorist attack on US soil sometime this summer. Of course, there are mixed reviews regarding the presence of Al Qadea operatives in America and their ability to pull off another wide-spread terrorist attack.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese army pounds remaining hideouts of Fatah Islam fighters holed up in Palestinian refugee camp. See picture above.

Honestly, I haven't been watching much TV news lately. I used to be a news junkie, consuming insatiable amounts of talk radio, Internet and TV media. However, the past 6 months the I've been on a news diet and haven't consumed much news at all and I even quit getting the daily paper. Instead, I've been investing the time I used to spend on bad news reading the Good News.

Now, don't get me wrong. We all need to be informed. We need to know what's going on in our community, country and around the world. But here's what I found now that I spend more time with God than Bill O'Reilly.

1. I have a more positive outlook.

So much of what you read in the paper or see on TV news is bad news. It's one horrific, gut-wrenching story after another. The sizzle sells. These producers and media moguls are trying to sell papers or ad space. It's more than just reporting the facts. And if you watch enough of that stuff you'll hardly want to get out of bed in the morning. On the other, when you meditate on God's Word and think things that are "noble, pure, and right" it will change the outlook on your every day. Each day in God's Word I am reminded that there is a loving God in Heaven that is accomplishing His purpose in this world.

2. I don't worry so much.

I'm convinced that whatever you feed grows. If you feed fear, you'll become more fearful. If you feed faith, however, you'll have more courage. Most contemporary news organizations manipulate viewers fears with sensationalism. When I spend time with God in His Word I'm reminded that His "perfect love drives out all fear" and that "greater is He that is in me than he that is in this world." Spending the last few minutes of every day with God, instead of Leno, Letterman or Hanity and Combs is a much better way to live.

3. I am compelled to make my life count.

When I spend time with God in prayer and reading His Word, I understand his heartbeat. That is, what is plan is for this lost and hurting world. That heartbeat fills my life with greater passion and purpose than any news beat.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Last night I went to the movies with some friends and saw the summer Hollywood blockbuster, Transformers. Honestly, I was never in to comic books or TV shows when I was growing up, so I can't share my thoughts regarding the film as a true "transformer aficionado." In any event, the action was non-stop and the dialogue was well written (even thought it was little off color at times).

The biggest thing that hit me was the fact that the plot line included many Biblical themes. And then it occurred to me, most movies that make tens of millions of dollars are simply a repackaging of the greatest story ever told - that of Biblical redemption of an all-loving God going to great lengths to recover that which was lost at the beginning of time.

For instance, consider these themes from Transformers:
*good vs. evil

These are all Biblical themes that are rooted in the eternal saga of God's love for mankind. This begs the question, "What is it that captivates the imagination of millions of people and compels them to go and see these films? Is it just the action scenes? The CGI computer animation? Or is it something much more?

The Bible says that God has planted eternity in the hearts of all men. Could it be that there is a yearning in every heart to connect with this story of redemption because deep down inside there is a desire within every person to connect with their Creator?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

PCC All Stars

For the 10th straight year in a row the American League beat the National League in Major League Baseball's All-Star Game last night.

After prayer meeting (which was awesome), I caught the last 3 innings of the game. It looked like the NL was going to actually win when during the bottom of the 9th inning they had the bases loaded with only 2 outs and down one run.

Although they didn't pull out the victory, it was fun to see all the heroes of the game compete together on one field. Of course, as a Met fan, it was cool to see Reyes, Wright and Wagner (except the home run he gave up) out there with the NL and even AL All-Stars.

As I was reflecting on the game, I began to consider the All Stars that God has put on PCCs team. So, here's my line up of PCC All Stars.

1. Prayer Partners. Those of you that are faithful to prayer and especially the prayer meeting. These are the people who understand the value and significance of prayer. They understand that nothing happens in PCC without prayer. Thanks for committing your time and efforts to this ministry.

2. Community Group Leaders. These "Most Valuable Players" on the All Star team open their homes and hearts every week to PCC members and attenders. They share their life with others and provide an opportunity and environment to help people grow closer to God and to one another. This is the heart of PCC as we strive to "lead others into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ."

3. Ministry Team Leaders and Volunteers. These are the people who literally make PCC happen. Honestly, we would not have a church if it were not for those that faithfully serve every weekend. So, let me send out a big THANK YOU to those that serve: bulletin stuffers, setup/tear down/, musicians, singers, media team, ushers, greeters, parking lot attendants, hospitality, security, prayer team, nursery and preschool volunteers and kids ministry team and the many other ministry teams that make PCC such a fun place to be.

You are all ALL STARS in my book! Thanks for playing on PCC's team.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hell No?

Recently, a well-known mega church pastor from Tulsa, OK denied the existence of hell.

ABC News will air a special episode regarding the issue of hell on Friday, July 13. After you watch the ABC video, you can read and interact with my comments below.

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In response to this video, let me pose a few questions.

1. If there is no hell, can there be a heaven?

Honestly, heaven is not heaven if everyone gets to spend eternity there. Heaven would not be heaven with the likes of Hitler and Hussein, who were unrepentant mass murderers, residing there. Heaven is heaven because everyone there got in on Christ's ticket, which leads me to my next question.

2. If there is no hell, why did Jesus talk about it so much?

In fact, Jesus spoke more about hell than than he did about heaven. The Bible says that Jesus believed that hell was a literal place. Check out these references: Lu 23:43; Ac 2:31; 1Pe 3:19; and Lu 16:23.

3. If there is no hell, why did God send Jesus to the cross?

The Bible says in Romans that the "wages of sin is death". Jesus' mission in life was to die on the cross for my sin and for the sins of humanity. He took my place. His perfection (sinless life) canceled out my imperfection. God doesn't send people to hell. People who reject God's love demonstrated on the cross through Christ make the choice themselves to spend eternity outside of God's presence - otherwise known as hell.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Current Events Week - Part 1

This past Sunday I asked the people of PCC to give me some blog topic ideas. One that caught my interest was "current events." So, this week, I'm going to spend some time each day talking about news stories, politics, media, economy ... whatever is going on in our world. If you have some ideas on other blog topics, please email me at pastordave@poconocc.com or post your comment below. Thanks.

Life is Fragile

Perhaps you heard the trajic news of a mother and three children who drowned on July 4th in Bridgeport, CT as their mini van accidentily rolled down a hill into a pond. The family was getting ready for a picnic in the park with friends and family. What you might not have heard about was the fact that the women who died was the sister of a family here at PCC.

While our hearts and prayers go out to the family this week as they lay their loved ones to rest, here are a few ways that this incredibly sad event has touched my life:

1. Life is fragile. The Bible says our lives are like a mist or a vapor. We are here one minute and gone the next. Don't take life for granted. How am I living today in light of how brief my time is here on earth?

2. The best time to love is now. Never leave your family without saying, "I love you." Tell your family that you love them every day. Kiss your spouse every time you walk out the door. Hug your kids neck every chance you get. Show your family and loved ones how much you love them every day. Don't save anything for a special occassion. Use the good china and crystal for every special event - like losing a pound or the first day of school. Who can I share my love with today?

3. Walk closely with Jesus. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Every day we have is a gift that comes from God. My eternity is based on my relationship with Jesus. It's all who you know. Do you know Jesus? Who can I sahre the love of Jesus with today?

Friday, July 06, 2007

Don't Tempt Me

How do you handle temptation? Do you give in or overcome? Do you know how temptation works? What does the Bible say about temptation?

These are critical questions that need to be answered if we are going to live a victorious Christian life. That's why I'm excited about this weekends message, "Don't Tempt Me." We are continuing our summer teaching series on James called, "Do It." This weekend takes another practical look at how to win over temptation. We all face temptation on a daily basis but with God's help we can discover how to overcome.

The worship team is working on some new music and I know Pastor Josh and the children's ministry team have exciting, kid-friendly ministry events planned for our kids.

I look forward to seeing you all there. Please bring a friend and introduce them to Christ and your PCC family.

God bless!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Guest Contributor-Kevin Weaver

Thanks, Kevin for sharing about yourself on the blog this week. It’s really helped us to get to know you better as you begin your ministry here at PCC as Executive Pastor. Here are just a couple final questions.

Share with us something unique or interesting you enjoy doing that might really surprise us to know about you.

It does seem to surprise people when I tell them I really love riding my motorcycle. The standard response is, “What, you have a motorcycle? I didn’t know Pastors rode motorcycles.” So that might seem surprising to some that riding is one of my most relaxing things to do. It helps clear my mind and gives me time to converse with God in a very unique way.

Oh, and here is another thing that might really surprise people…my wife KyAnne loves to ride with me! I’m a very blessed man.

How can we pray with you and your family during your time of transition?

Thanks so much for asking that because in times of transition from one place to another there are always logistical things that weigh heavy on the heart.

I would really covet people to pray for our boys and they will be starting in new schools this fall. Especially Kaleb, who will be a Senior in high school. Also, that we would sell our house quickly and settle into a home here in the Pocono’s. One final request: That God would truly anoint me and my family to be a blessing to this wonderful church body!

Thanks Pastor Dave for allowing me to share.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Celebrating the 4th with Guest Contributor

This week we've been talking with our guest contributor and new executive pastor, Kevin Weaver. Today we celebrate the independence of our nation. Interestingly enough, Kevin has served in the armed forces.

Kevin, tell us about your service in the armed forces.

I served in the U.S. Air Force from 1982-1987 and was stationed in the Republic of Panama for the entire duration of my active duty experience. It really was a fantastic experience and a time where God confirmed my call into full time ministry. It was also during this time that I not only learned what it meant to serve my country in a capacity which required sacrifices, but I also learned what it meant to really care and reach people who didn't know Christ. In fact, I think that's what I enjoyed the most about being in the military...being around people and sharing my faith with them in creative ways. Especially in times when we were put in harms way. Trust me, in that environment, you have to be very creative and genuinely love the people that you are trying to reach and stay focused on the true meaning of what life is all about.

What can we as a church and civilians do for our servicemen and women?

I know that it may sound like a pastoral answer but the best thing we can do is pray, and I mean really pray. I can't tell you how many times I was in harms way or going through a difficult time when God's grace would meet me and strengthen me for the task, only to discover later that people where praying for me. God has a very unique way of showing Himself and proving Himself faithful in times like this and because of the dynamic and the depth of relationships that so naturally occur in the armed forces. He certainly does this best through passionate believers serving alongside those who are need of Jesus. One other thing I might add is that people shouldn't be afraid to write to our solders, seaman, and airman. I've talked to so many folks who have told me that they know someone serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, or in some other part of the world and they've never written them because that didn't think that it was a big deal. They didn't think that it would mean that much to the one receiving it. But, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, this is how I discovered that people were praying for me! It's amazing how a letter from home can be such a gift.

July 4th is all about freedom. How do you define freedom?

Wow! that is a really great question, and one that I believe leads to so many different opinions. It seems that many in America today think that freedom is something that empowers us to choose what we want, and that we literally have a right do whatever we think is best. I don't believe that is what the framers of our country had in mind on that hot summer day in Philadelphia, 1776, when the Second Continental Congress ratified the Declaration of Independence. More importantly, it certainly is not what Jesus had in mind when He gave His life for us on that dreadful Friday afternoon. It seems to me that the meaning of freedom is not the right to do what I want. When I get involved in those kinds of decisions, my flesh has a tendency to overshadow all reason and I find myself leaning to carnality. So, what I consider to be a great freedom is, many times, in reality bondage dressed up in Sunday clothes. The apostle Paul said it this way in his letter to the Romans; "Don't you know that when you offer yourselves to someone to obey him as slaves, you are slaves to the one whom you obey -- whether you are slaves to sin, which leads to death, or to obedience, which leads to righteousness." I guess you might say that this very passage has really helped me to form my idea of freedom. I'll sum it up: Freedom is not right to do what I want, but rather it is the power and ability to do what is right. It is the power given to us by God's grace to be obedient to Him which leads us in the opposite direction of our flesh. That's true freedom...freedom from our destructive selves. That's the freedom that Jesus won for us when He conquered death!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Guest Contributor - Kevin Weaver

Kevin is the new Executive Pastor at PCC. This week we're getting to know him a little better as he responds to some of my questions. Let's listen in.

Can you give us a little background about yourself … how you came to know Christ and were called into ministry?

I didn’t grow up in a Christian home but God was gracious and I discovered what it meant to have a relationship with Him in high school. Later, I was privileged to lead my parents to the Lord and now my whole family is serving God. Not long after I received Christ I continued to feel this yearning to serve Him with my life and so I promised God that if He could use me and needed me to do his biding I would go wherever He called me. And so, that has been the adventure of my life ever since.

Kevin, tell me a little bit about your new role here as Executive Pastor at PCC.

Well, I really feel called to you Dave, and I have a desire to use all my gifts and experiences to assist you in this great work here at PCC. I especially look forward to working with the staff and helping develop new ideas to see the vision God has given you flourish!

Okay, here’s a fun question. What’s your favorite food and favorite dessert?

Okay, this one is easy. My favorite food is ice cream, and my favorite dessert is ... oh yea, ice cream!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Guest Contributor Week

Yesterday we announced the arrival of our newest staff member, Kevin Weaver. Kevin and I have been friends for about 12 years. It's exciting to have him join our team here at PCC. This week Kevin will be a guest contributor on the blog. It's my hope and intention that you will be able to get to know Kevin and hear his heart and ministry mindset through this cyber conversation.

1. Kevin, tell us a little bit about your family. (Dave)

I've been married for 20 years to KyAnne and we've been blessed with three great boys, Kaleb (17), Keith (15) and Klay (13). Being the parents of 3 growing teenage boys, one of our biggest challenge is to make sure we make enough trips to the grocery store to keep their hollow legs filled.

2. Give us a little background as it relates to your ministry.

God's allowed me the privilege to be involved in many different roles. I spent 7 years in Panama as a missionary and church planter. I've been a senior pastor of 3 different churches in the capacity of related to rejuvenating churches that were really struggling. Also, I've been involved in associate roles in several churches that were church plants, partnering with guys like you Dave who have had great visions to impact their communities. All in all, I've really enjoyed the privilege of being involved in building and discipling people in different situations.

3. What are some things that you enjoy doing outside the office?

Overall, I most enjoy spending time with my wife and kids. We enjoy the outdoors, golfing, fishing, hunting, hiking, skiing and going to the movies. Most of all, we consider ourselves Disney World connoisseurs. I've been going to Disney almost every year of my life since I was twelve. I was fortunate that my grandparents retired in Florida and lived about a half hour away from Orlando.

4. Okay, last question. What are you most looking forward to now that you are here in the Poconos and on the PCC team?

The thing that I'm most excited about is just partnering with you, Dave, and doing everything I can to advance your vision. The most thrilling thing for me is to see you and PCC thrive and to know that my presence here on the team maybe had a small part in that process. Secondarily, I'm really looking forward to getting to know the staff, volunteers and all the people at PCC. We are all about relationships and enjoy developing friendships because we feel that is such an important part of the discipleship process.

Thanks, Kevin. I look forward to hearing more from your heart related to the role that has unfolded before as we have so many great times to talk about what God is doing in and through us at PCC.