Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Highlights

  • This weekend I shared why Jesus is the only way to heaven based on John 14:6 and Romans 6:23
  • We used a cool teaching illustration of a plexiglas smart board with LED lights and liquid chalk. It looked awesome on camera with the black background. I'll post it later this week on video.
  • A huge thanks to Simon Castro and the creative team for building the smart board! You guys did an amazing job! Thanks!
  • We introduced a Live Event on YouVersion. So now everyone who brings their smart phone or tablet to church can follow along with my notes digitally on YouVersion. Very cool. Thanks so much to for giving this technology away free to churches around the world. 
  • We did something this weekend I haven't done in a long time. I actually gave people the opportunity to come to the front of the church at the end of the worship experience to declare their faith in Christ. Old fashion altar calls still work! Very cool to see tons of people come forward in each experience to receive Christ.
  • The worship band did an amazing job with a song they wrote and produced just for the Jesus Is series. Thank you Lori for writing the lyrics and song and for Derek and Filipe for producing it. Wow! So blessed to work with you all. I'm going to post a link to the song this week.
  • Attendance seemed to be down a bit due to the Run For the Red. It was a gorgeous weekend in the Poconos and I trust the Red Cross had a phenomenal turn out for their marathon. We support The Red Cross financially and with an annual blood drive. 
  • I announced the transition of Pastor Brad and Denise Wicks this weekend. They are moving back to Kansas to pastor a church. We are going to miss their family. Please come to a going away celebration on June 2nd following the 5pm worship experience.
  • So grateful to lead such an amazing church. Looking forward to all God has in the days ahead!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

First Tuesday

Dont' miss the heartbeat of PCC ... First Tuesday.

Join your church family for a free meal (Italian) beginning at 6pm.

Then move into the auditorium for a powerful time of worship, prayer, the act of communion and an inspiring message.

Childcare is available for kids 0 to 5th Grade. Don't miss it.

Weekend Highlights

Here are some of the highlights from this past weekend at PCC:

*I met a former Muslim who recently converted to Christianity since coming to PCC. Amazing to see how Jesus is changing lives right before my eyes.

*I met two couples over the weekend that said the Holy Spirit has been speaking to them and they have decided to stop living together until they get married. Both couples recently started attending the church and have become followers of Jesus. Crazy cool stuff happening.

*My good friend, Charlie, was in church after having a miracle baby this weekend. Charlie and his wife were medically unable to conceive. They came forward for prayer to have a baby and the Lord blessed them with a child. Talk about God moving in signs and wonders! Amazing.

*I met another girl named Samantha who first attended on Christmas Eve and gave her heart to Jesus. She now attends our Spanish campus regularly and she is growing in Christ.

*Great to meet Anthony Evans Jr. this weekend. What an amazing talent and singer. Truly enjoyed his ministry. The concert was awesome.

*I'm really enjoying the Jesus Is series. This week was especially powerful as we talked about how Jesus is our protector. You can listen to it here.

*I was incredible impressed with the opening act for the concert, 4 Trinity. These guys were off the hook musically and more importantly, anointed young men of God. The anointing of God on their ministry was undeniable. Look forward to having them back to PCC very soon!

*So cool to see over 3,000 people in attendance this weekend. God is giving us some good momentum as a church.

*I met a little boy on his way out of the 12:30pm worship experience and he was crying his eyes out because he didn't want to go home. Priceless!

*One of my friends in my small group brought her entire family to church this weekend. What an answer to prayer. God is going to do something huge in that family.

*The friend I invited to come to church bailed on me in the last minute. It makes me so mad when the Devil tries to mess up God's plan. I'll keep inviting my friend and praying against the enemies work.

*I'm really believing God to move in our First Tuesday prayer meeting this week.