Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Tommorow hundreds of thousands of teenagers all accross America will gather together around the flag poles at their schools and pray. On the official See You At The Pole website it says, See You at the Pole™ isn't about groups, grades, clothes, or churches. It's about praying. It's about all of us coming together and laying aside all the labels for one day, simply to call out to God, just as Jesus did in John 17 and
say, "Lord, may we be one in you--whether jocks, preps, geeks, Pentecostals, Baptists, Catholics, freshmen, or seniors--may the world believe that You are real and have sent us to touch other through you, regardless of the dividing lines drawn by a broken world!"

This is not a demonstration or a political rally. It is simply an opportuity for students to pray for their friends, teachers, community and nation.

Let's remember to pray for our students and this generation of young people who desperately need a move of God in their day.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Here are some highlights on recent events at PCC:

1. We voted unanimously as a church family to move forward with the construction loan on our new facility. It's awesome to be part of a church family that is experience unity and oneness in purpose.

2. Sunday's service was awesome. Special guest singer, Kelly Shannon, did an awesome job singing and sharing her testimony.

3. Community Groups are getting ready to launch in October. EVERYONE needs to be in a community group. This is where we can grow closer to God and to one another. Get involved today!

4. Prayer Meeting begins on October 3! Our weekly prayer meeting is moving to a monthy prayer meeting which will be held on the first Wednesday of every month. Please mark your calendar now.

5. I'm headed into staff meeting right now. I love our team.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Puzzle Pieces

My daughter is a whiz at putting puzzles together. What she's not too good at is making sure all the pieces get back into the box once she's done playing with it. I try to tell her all the time how important it is to make sure all the pieces get back in the box so that the next time she wants to put the puzzle together she will have a complete picture.

Tonight PCC will hold a special business meeting at 7pm at the Pocono Summit Fire Hall. The purpose of the meeting will be to make a decision as a church family on the construction line of credit for our new church facility.

We need you there tonight to give us the complete picture of PCC. If you are a member of PCC, please make every effort to attend this special meeting. Your support and prayers are greatly appreciated. Don't be the missing piece.

Refreshments will be served.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Groundbreaking Thoughts

I've been reflecting for the past couple of days about breaking ground on our first facility. This is an historic moment for us as a church.

Here are a few things I sense the Lord speaking to my spirit in regards to reaching this milestone of ministry:

1. If God's your partner, dream big.

2. It's never too late to start something new.

3. God becomes real when I trust Him for the impossible.
4. It takes a team to accomplish the dream.

5. When I pray, God works. There is no substitute for crying out to God who is rich and mercy to all who call upon His Name.

6. Fear paralyzes progress. Faith makes things happen.

7. Together is better.

8. Enjoy the moment. Don't always live in the future.
9. Success is being faithful, working hard, and ultimately trusting God with the outcome.

10. Never quit on your dreams.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Church Finds New Home

This past weekend was awesome! We broke ground on our new facility. What a great day! We had phenomenal weather - the sun came out right at 4 in the afternoon and it warmed up at least 10 degrees. God is good.

We had over 450 people come out and celebrate this historic day at PCC. Thanks to all of you who showed up and mega thanks to those of you that served and volunteered to make it a special occasion. The Pocono Record did a story on our groundbreaking. Please read it and post a comment too!

Again, thanks for being such an awesome church. I know that many times as the pastor I receive the public recognition for the great things that are happening at PCC. But you are the heroes! You are the best. I count it a joy and privledge to lead this great church!
If you have any photos from yesterday, please email them to the office. Thanks!

Friday, September 14, 2007

It's Official

Well, Bekah went to the doctor yesterday for her ultrasound and it looks like we are having another boy! We are thrilled! Our daugther, Kate, was hoping for another girl. She said, "Well, the next one will just have to be a little girl!" Next one? Poor Bekah. : )

Anyway, mommy and baby are doing well. However, the doctor said that Bekah has to take it easy. She's been having way too many contractions this early in the pregnancy. She works so hard on the weekends, setting up and tearing down the nursery, overseeing the pre-school, and then just being there for people in the hallway.

Something cool happened earlier this week. One of the ladies in the church (Robin) who is already serving in the children's ministry team realized (actually, she felt the Holy Spirit revealed this to her - and she was right) that Bekah needed to take a break until after the baby was born. She offered to serve in Bekah's place until she and the new children's ministry director could raise up more leaders. That's awesome!

That's what church is all about. It's sticking together and looking out not just our own interests, but also to the interest of others.

Who can you look out for today? What ministry can you get involved in this weekend?

PS? Any suggestions on names for the boy?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Leadership Meeting Update

Last night the leadership team of PCC gathered to pray, celebrate and dream together. I thank God for our leaders and volunteers. We had 70 people carve out precious time from their schedule to invest in this unfolding miracle we call Pocono Community Church.

I challenged our leaders to a life of greatness. God has not called us to live mediocre lives or a status quo existence. Why maintain an attitude of survival, when God wants us to thrive. Jesus gave his LIFE for me. The least I can do is give my best for him.

I don't want to be good. I want to be great. I don't want to pastor a good church. I want to lead a great church. I don't want a good marriage. I want a great one. I don't want good kids. I want great kids. Whatever we lay our hands upon, we are to do in excellence "as unto the Lord."

Here are some of the highlights from last nights meeting:

1) Ground Breaking Ceremony - This weekend we'll gather at 4 PM to celebrate the beginning of construction on our new facility. A BBQ picnic will be held so please bring a side dish.

2) Membership Meeting - A membership meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday, September 19th at 7 PM at the Pocono Summit Fire Hall to decide on procuring the necessary funds to finance the construction project. Please make every effort to attend. All are welcome.

3) Prayer Meeting /"The Gathering" - Our weekly prayer meeting will be changing to a once-a-month prayer meeting beginning in October. The reason for the change is that we are going to focus on our community groups that will be meeting weekly this fall beginning in October as well. So, everyone will meet weekly in their community groups 3 times per month. On the first Wednesday all community groups will come together at "The Gathering" (formerly known as the prayer meeting) and celebrate and pray together.

All Elders, Ministry Team Leaders, Community Group Leaders and staff will attend as we celebrate in worship, communion, testimony and of course, passionate prayer. The prayer meeting, known now as "The Gathering" will be held at the Pocono Mountain West High School. The Student Ministry teens will also join us in this monthly prayer gathering. Childcare for infants through grade 5 will be offered too.

4) Friend Day - Friend Day is scheduled for September 30. Please begin inviting your friends for this special day where we will have awesome music, worship and a message geared to reach the lost.

5) Community Groups - Community Groups are kicking off in October. If you would like to host or facilitate a community group, please contact Pastor Kevin.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Weekend Update

This past weekend was historic! Not only did we announce our groundbreaking ceremony scheduled for this coming weekend, we had an amazing service. Here are some random thoughts from the weekend:
  • Thank you to the 125 volunteers that faithfully served in ministry this past weekend. You guys are the true heroes of PCC!
  • A special thank you to the nursery volunteers who had 27 babies to care for and diapers to change!
  • The worship team did a great job too! Thanks for singing and playing for Jesus.
  • We've had over 50 salvations this summer! We baptized 26 people two weeks ago and 53 are signed up for Membership Class this Saturday. Good things are happening.
  • The new JHigh6.8 ministry kicked off this Sunday and they had 52 junior high students. What an awesome start to an exciting new ministry.
  • Nearly 850 people were in church this Sunday.
God is truly moving at PCC! Thank you so much for being part of this church family and for your "can do" spirit to make this portable church happen each and every weekend.

Hope to see you all tonight at 7 PM at the Leadership Meeting on the Third Floor Annex of our office building. Call the church office at 839-3459 for more info.

Together is better!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Ground Breaking!

Get ready, PCC! After almost 5 years of meeting as a portable church, the day we've all been waiting for is here! We are going to break ground on our new facility this coming Sunday. The DEP approval permit arrived last week we are ready to begin clearing the land this fall and preparing the site for construction.

I would like to invite everyone to come for our ground breaking ceremony at the new church property this Sunday @ 4pm and celebrate this momentous occasion for PCC. We'll have some bulldozers ready and start moving some dirt! I might even be able to operate one of the big pieces of equipment! This will be a wonderful time together to give thanks to God for all that He has done and is yet to do through PCC!

We're also going to have a family-style BBQ. We'll provide the burgers and hot dogs. Please bring a side dish to share. Also, feel free to invite your friends to join in the celebration.

I'm so excited about the days ahead. Thanks again for being faithful and for serving, giving and inviting your friends to experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

Hang on for the ride of your life.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Holy Discontent

If you're only going to read one book the rest of this year, I suggest you read "Holy Discontent" by Bill Hybels. I just finished Hybels latest work during my break at the beach and I've never been more inspired to go home and change my community for the better.

Hybels argues that there are certain things in this world that we cannot stand. Once confronted with these social ills or human suffering, we have the potential to respond like Popeye and say, "I've had all I can stand, I can't stands no more." These firestorms of frustrations catalyze the insight and iron will needed to make things that "are not" as they "should be."

Here are some of the things I can't stand:

1)People who are beat up in this world because they have yet to experience the love of God.

2)People that have to go to bed hungry in my community.

3)Marriages that are being ripped apart because of selfish and sinful behavior.

4)People who live purposeless lives because they have yet to find their purpose in Christ.

5)Kids that have to go to school without decent school clothes and supplies.

6)Needless commercial debt and unwise financial stewardship that wrecks marriages and lives.

7) People who live lives of quiet desperation because they've yet to experience Biblical community.

8) Churches that are boring and irrelevant.

9) Struggling pastors who quit the ministry because they don't have a friend or coach that is encouraging them and helping them in ministry.

10) A wasted life without passion to change the world and make a significant impact for good.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Chillin' @ The Beach

This week I'm with the family on the Jersey Shore soaking up some sun and fun. Today my daughter and I played in the sand and surf after going on a long walk down the beach early this morning. We are having a great time making sand castles and enjoying some down time before the fall season of busy church life kicks in.

I've got two racks of ribs in the oven and Bekah is making some of her special corn bread. After dinner we are headed to the board walk to eat some junk food and go on some rides.

I've got a philosophy about taking breaks from life in the ministry. The longer you are in ministry and the larger your church grows, the more time you need to get away. Time away gives you an opportunity to think, dream and just pray, as well as spend some much needed time with your family.

If you don't take a break from your schedule, eventually your schedule will break you. There is a rhytem to life in ministry. Jesus often took schedule breaks when he got away from the crowds to pray and spend time with His Heavenly Father. If that was important to Jesus, how much more do you and I need that precious time to take a break and be with those who matter most.